KIDS at HOME company believes that the child is a core value for the parents. The atmosphere in which he grows is very important for his development. Convenient and comfort rooms allow the child to engage in homework, reading, favorite games with pleasure. The possibility to furnish the room according to your child’s interests with different elements (wardrobes, bookshelves, transformable beds, mirrors, lamps) from environmentally friendly materials of many different colors, allow the child to create his own space where he can feel protected.

KIDS at HOME also cares about saving your space. That is why we present a “TRANSFORMER” line that gives a possibility to place everything necessary for high-quality life on the area of a few meters, that is a wardrobe, a bookshelf, a work desk, a bed, that is hidden during the day and only at night is transformed from a wardrobe, and that saves space for games and learning of the child during the day.

Furniture for the smallest kids is extendable, allowing it to “grow with the child”.
All models of beds feature a modern orthopedic base under the mattress. All the technologies, mechanisms, designs of the transformable furniture are patented, so they have their exceptional distinction and quality.